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Turkish Language and Literature Department started its activities with the admission of students in the 2021-2022 academic year within the body of Erbaa Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. The language of instruction is Turkish and the education period is 8 semesters and includes 4 years of undergraduate education. 


The Department of Turkish Language and Literature aims to raise individuals who can describe any scientific problem by using the concepts and approaches in the field, analyze problems within the framework of scientific criteria, develop solutions based on evidence and research, and convey the results in written and oral form with a scientific discourse.


Students who graduate from this department can recognize the basic works written in the field of Turkish Language and Literature, read typical texts representing the historical development of the Turkish language, support their solution proposals for the problems related to the field with quantitative and qualitative data, share these data with experts or non-experts in the relevant field through various communication tools. Students who graduate from our department have the opportunity to be employed in a wide range (as a civil servant in libraries, archives, etc., as an academician in universities, as a civil servant in the relevant units of the TDK (Turkish Language Association) and the Ministry of Culture, editorship in newspapers and magazines, copywriting in advertisements and agencies, etc.) from public institutions to the private sector. 


There are three faculty members in our department, which has 4 divisions: "New Turkish Language", "Old Turkish Language", "New Turkish Literature" and "Old Turkish Literature".